Olympus D-600L review

Started Mar 17, 2002 | User reviews thread
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Olympus D-600L review

A fav choice among adv amateur photogs entering digital photography a couple years back. I got mine for just under USD$250 recently. While dated (serial port! 32MB max cap!), I liked its styling (look at the masses of ugly 'futuristic' tourist-style stuff...'Cool'pix990??-great camera with the looks of a geektoy...) and surprising image quality (thanks to its excellent lens) Good flash shots.

One impt point I never see mentioned is that the sealed non-extending lens-body is a crucial factor that makes this design particularly resiliant vs fungus and damp.

Still a very usable digicam unlike many, and will continue to be relevant as a backup because of its great lens.


Limited low-light cap. Dated (by today) functions. Motorised-zoom(ok nearly every digicam suffers from this... why can't we have the old manual zoom ring??) Iffy focusing (I overcome this be switching to Spot metering and prefocusing on a high-contrast target with the similar desired lighting before re-composing for the actual shot...the prefocus modes are not too useful)

Olympus D-600L
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 36 – 110 mm (3.1×)
Announced: Sep 10, 1997
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