DxOMark's measured ISOs vs. manufacturer ISOs

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Re: DxOMark's measured ISOs vs. manufacturer ISOs

Mjankor wrote:

Jeff Charles wrote:

Mjankor wrote:
Personally I'd have thought the best way to check IQ of a camera against other cameras if you were concerned about ISO would be to shoot the same scene with both cameras with the same shutter speed, ISO and aperture and have a look at the resulting photos. Maybe I'm a bit old school that way.

That's close, but there is one more step. If one of the photos is darker than the other, you need to brighten it on the computer so that they match.

Assuming there is a difference, sure (Or rather, you'd use the difference to determine the difference between the two cameras ISO ratings). But the difference, if any, doesn't relate in any way back to the DXO ISO values.

Correct.  Brightness has virtually nothing to do with exposure (what DxO is about), you are getting it!

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