Is it physically possible to have F 1.0 - 1.2 on phones and...

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Re: Is it physically possible to have F 1.0 - 1.2 on phones and...

The automatic aperture selection could be biased so as to choose intermediate apertures when light allowed, and only open up fully when really needed (or when the user explicitly asked for it, for e.g. portrait).

Automatic aperture implies an adjustable iris, which most (all?) mobile phone cameras lack.

The other options for low light photography (nasty internal flash/videolight, high digital gain) introduces problems of their own that may or may not be worse than loss of sharpness and thin DOF.

Sure, but all other things being equal, increasing fixed aperture introduces even more serious problems unrelated to depth of field: lens aberrations of the sort that may be difficult to correct in software, say, and the inability to shoot in anything but low light without very fast shutter speeds and/or external ND filters (a particularly serious problem for video, which, like it or not, is an important application for the average mobile phone camera design).

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