Kodak DC215 review

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John Carver New Member • Posts: 2
Kodak DC215 review

I bought this camera as a simple point and shoot replacement for a 35mm Compact. I have not been disappointed..

I have taken hundreds, if not thousands of photos with this camera - from holiday snaps, to items for ebay auction listings.

The holiday snaps are great - the camera handles Mediterranian colours well and produces decent images suitable for printing up to 5x7 (I've even done a few at 8x10 - and are fine except for the closest examination).. The image size is relatively small so archiving to CD is no problem..

The ebay photos are mainly of antiques and collectables, requiring close-up or macro mode. I have had some cracking photos, that I m sure have added ££'s to the final price of my ebay auctions - the camera has really paid for itself!.. You soon learn how the camera handles light and I find diffused natural daylight best for fine detail - or flash for really sharp images.

I wouldn't use this camera for a subject that I wanted to print at 20x16 - but that's not the point of this simple device.. It is a point and shoot camera - that I find meets my everyday needs brilliantly.. Kodak did a good job on this one..


OK - if you use the LCD for reviewing photos all the time, or Macro framing - then the batteries don't last long.. but NiMh are cheap now - I find a £10 set of 1300ah batteries charge in a couple of hours and give me enough power to fill my two memory cards..

The serial connection to a PC gives me enough time to make a cup of tea when transferring images.. CF Card readers are dirt cheap now - so I use one of those now - and it's instant..

Kodak DC215
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 29 – 58 mm (2×)
Announced: Aug 3, 1999
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