Leica Digilux Zoom review

Started Dec 22, 2002 | User reviews thread
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Marcel Geers Senior Member • Posts: 2,724
Leica Digilux Zoom review

I have had the digilux zoom for about 3 years and was quite content with it. After using it for a while you know what you can and especially what you can't do with it. I have taken lots of pictures with it and found it to be a good camera to start with.The macro function with aid of the digital zoom, gives quite good close ups!
Lots of examples are viewable at http://www.student.tue.nl/t/m.p.a.geers/plaatjes_frame.htm
Please note that these aren't the original pictures, but scaled down ones to let dial up internet users give the opportunity to view my pictures also. Just send me an e-mail to get the original picture.


The 1,3 MP causes close ups to be excellent, but detailed pictures (sceneries, groupphotos, etc.) aren't that good with this camera. (That is, I assume that is because of the, nowadays, low MP count)
Using digital zoom for other purposes then nearby objects, seems pointless.
It also didn't work very well in low-light situations and seemed to be troubled by TL-lamps.

Leica Digilux Zoom
1 megapixels • 2 screen • 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 4, 2000
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