Ricoh Caplio RR1 review

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Ricoh Caplio RR1 review

Please : read to the end. Because myself I'm surprised.... After one
year of RR-1.....

I posted two pics in the photo section. (See RR-1 )
It is picture N° 2443 and N° 2448 I took with this camera.
I know this is not much... but my "little jewel" is "only" a back-up
camera for my (now already old...) Fuji 6900Z.

The camera is a RR-1. This "piece of camera" is with me for more than
8760 hours from now. Oops : I want to say : since I bought it one
year ago I have it with me - day and night- in my pocket, every
moment, every day, and every second again. It has never been more
than one meter away from me since I bougt it.

Neverthelees where I am or what I do. When I'm sweating because of
hot weather or I'm walking in the rain or shivering from the cold.
When I'm on a meeting, in a restaurant or riding with my
mountainbike. It IS with me. All the time. Good times and bad times.

It already had to suffer a lot.... when my jacket is throwed
somewhere on the ground, or the camera is laying on the vibrating
dashboard of the diesl car... etc.... The outside already has some
marks of wear and some dents because of mistreatment.

But the quality of the pictures is still the same as the first day.
I wonder, yes really (And I'm not "connected" with Ricoh in one way
or another.) I wonder why this camera is lacking the commercial
success it deserves. It is a strong tool.

The pictures are good, the lens is sharp, very sharp.
With her "non professional camera look" I make pictures without
notice it. And belive me : the results are very naturally.
My "little jewel" (Nicknmame of my RR1) made pictures in heavy rain.
I know it is not good... but I wiped of the rain drops with my
handkerchief every time. (Disclaimer : I never submerged the camera
LOL) Pfwwwww... several times I have tested my RR-1 in the home to
be sure it was still working all right....after mistreatment
(camerawise). Every time this little jewel pleased me.

I was , and still I'm, surprised with the qualities of this camera.
Not only the "heavy duty" structure of the hardware, but with the
quality of the pictures.

I'm also "surpised" because many people are buying snapshot camera's,
where the little RR-1 also does this task and has a lot of potential
when you study the menu carefully, but forget that a "snapshot"
should be "snap" ready in the pocket.

My question : Why I feel alone... with one of the better cameras on
the market ( sorry : in my pocket ) ?

I hope one day (this is a joke...but not really.... ) I drop my Fuji
on a concrete floor to prove my wife I NEED a DSLR camera. But I
never want to say farewell to my little jewel.

Please Ricoh : Take better care of your marketing. You should take
better care to sell more RR-1's. A lot of people will be very happy
with it. It hasn't the look of a "real" camera but it is a real good
camera. And this "non camera look" is the best opportunity to make
the real "life" pictures.

Please Ricoh : help the people to have a good tool to make,
professional, pictures.

PS : Thank you Ricoh.

Kind regards


Ricoh Caplio RR1
4 megapixels • 2 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Nov 12, 2001
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