HP Photosmart C215 review

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HP Photosmart C215 review

hp 215 was a superior camera of year 2002.now is also superior, but little bit slow / 10 second need to save a shot / but without any big problem.is so called press and shot cameras.

makro is very excelent.from 10 cm to 1 meter.with resolution 960 * 1280 dpi.look may page with few wallpapers http://freeweb.siol.net/svagel/wallpaper.html

with rechargebale baterias 1800 map fuul rechargebale is possible takes 100 pictures without flesh and 50 with flesh.


- sometimes freeze / if change menu before saving, when try to change compact flash card from 4 mb to 8 mb in the case when camera is on - oposite no problems /

- sometimes when try to download freeze the computer.now i reinstal the acdsee.i hope it will no longer no problems.

no others promblems.tech suport via booklet and via web is excelet in the case the camera is no longer on production.

- and is the best news is price.one slovenian company, shift sistem ljubljana sold me camera for unkredable price.

camara was a swow model but takes with camera only few pictures.and another discont was the case camera don t have original baterias in good condicion.

camera was cost 45000 sit or 195 evro.
for that price is no possible to get brand name camera with 1.3 mp.except mustek or jenoptic.but that cameras are realy in bad condition.mustek cameras has very un sharp pictures.and tricks with softwer interpolation.

of course with no rechargebale baterias / one complet for 20 pictures with flash or 30 without / every one user receive bancrot.

with rechargebale baterias are costs almost zero.that is great!

one picture in foto pape cost from 100 - 80 tolars.thas means 43 - 35 cents.

here is another problem.who are don t atach the camera hardware.atach the firmware.

hp 215 suport only up to 32 mb compact flash cards.

HP Photosmart C215
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 43 mm
Announced: Sep 20, 2000
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