Pentax Optio 330RS review

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Pentax Optio 330RS review


As you may argue from the title of this message, I am a very unlucky and disappointed customer of a Pentax Optio 330 RS. I will first provide a technical discussion about image quality and camera usage, then I will tell you my story. You may want to read it, just to avoid to have the same troubles I had.

<h2>Technical notes</h2>

This was my first digital camera -- for that reason I can not provide you with comparisons with other cameras.
<br>The image quality is at a first look not so bad, the pictures are sharp and the colors saturated, and the resolution is enough for the most common prints. But giving the pictures a look a bit more in depth, you may discover that:
<ul><li>there is much <b>visible noise</b> even at the lowest ISO level,</li>
<li>there is a strong <b>visible distorsion</b> at wide-angle; the edges of the picture are completely blurred too!</li>
The manual settings of the camera are a joke. There is no aperture- or shutter speed- priority programs. The only way you have to set the aperture is to switch to full-manual control. And even in full-manual mode you may only choose between <b>TWO</b> apertures, depending on the current focal length! Its a joke...
<br>The longest shutter time of only 4 seconds is a joke too, making it almost impossible to take serious night pictures.

<h2>My story</h2>

I bought this camera six months ago in Germany, for a price about $550 (550,- euro) in a Lerche shop. It was my first digital camera, so I was enjoying and learning digital photography very much. But the troubles had to come very soon...
<p>1) After three months the battery charger broke -- it simply did stop working. I sent it back to Pentax, and they substitute it. Because the camera does not use standard accus, I was not able to use it for about three weeks. But after three other months I had to face the main faults.
<p>2) The plastic door for the CF memory card broke. As already stated from <em>other</em> users in previous messages in this 'User opinions' section, the CF-door is the weakest point of the camera at all. And of course this is <b>not</b> covered by the Pentax guarantee! This means that as soon as this plastic CF door breaks (which may happen every time you switch memory card), you may throw your camera away, because the cost of reparature are simply a shame.
<br>To overcome this problem, I kept the door closed with a piece of adhesive tape, and the camera could perform again.
<p>3) Well, one week after the CF door broke, the zoom-objective stop working. I was simply turning the camera off, and the motor that moves the lens broke. I was very disappointed.
<p>I sent a reclamation to Pentax Germany, and they answered me that the camera has 'for sure fallen', this case is not covered by the guarantee, and if I want to repair it I should pay as much as to buy a new one. Cool!
<br>What really disappoints me, it that I own this camera since only <b>six months</b>, in which I had only troubles, it is still in guarantee, and in spite of it I should pay even more money!
<p>In short, stay away from Pentax Germany and from Lerche -- Scheissladen!


- noisy even at the lowest ISO
- the battery charger broke
- the zoom lens broke and Pentax refused to repair it!!

Pentax Optio 330RS
3 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 37 – 111 mm (3×)
Announced: Jun 3, 2002
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