HP Photosmart 720 review

Started May 29, 2003 | User reviews thread
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Shmily Lemon New Member • Posts: 4
HP Photosmart 720 review

For this camera, I will give 8 for 10. It is my first DC. After an hour's usage, I felt regrettable that we had not bought a digital camera before. With a 128M SD cards, one can shoot about ~110 best-quality pictures.

Easy to use.

And it is really have a good price.


1. It is not those cute style. But it is not worse than the tranditional film one.

2. In dark enviornment, like cloudy day or indoor in daytime, the auto set does not work. You have to adjust those white balance, exposure, ISO things to get satisfying pictures. But after those adjustment, you can get fairly good quality pictures.
3. The last thing is about the upload the pictures to computer. It basically pretty easy. But it takes pretty much time. I guess probably partly due to the low speed of our computer. But the HP's software which comes with it is far from nice. It is just a little bit more than enough.

HP Photosmart 720
3 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 34 – 102 mm (3×)
Announced: Jul 2, 2002
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