Minolta DiMAGE 2300 review

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Paul Pehrson New Member • Posts: 2
Minolta DiMAGE 2300 review

I bought this camera on-line, and at first thought I had a good purchase. However, after using the camera for a while, its problems began to shine through.

First, the camera is not Windows XP compatible. It is only compatible with ME, 98 or lower. There aren't drivers for it, don't bother looking. I ended up buying a CompactFlash reader--which I have decided was better in the long run anyway.

Second, Minolta customer service for this product was terrible. I will never purchase a Minolta product again, for that reason alone. The customer service representatives were rude and not helpful with problems I had.

Third, it is awkward to use. You cannot view picutres you are taking witout: 1. Closing the shutter to turn off the camera. 2. Wait for camera to shut down. 3. Push the Enter button on the back of the camera for five seconds. 4. Wait for the camera to turn itself back on. 4. Preview photos.

I do like how this camera uses normal AA batteries; it is a battery hog, but I use rechargable batteries, so that's not too important.

The flash has a short range; but if you take pictures without the flash, the camera does pretty good in lower-light situations (like outside pictures at dusk).

Don't waste your money with this camera. Find one that: 1. Uses normal batteries (then get rechargable batteries for it). 2. Allows you to view the pictures you've taken without turning the camera off. 3. Has at least 3 megapixles of resolution. You'll be glad you did. 4. Is not a Minolta. Currently I'm considering a switch to an Olympus camera.

Minolta DiMAGE 2300
2 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 38 mm
Announced: Jun 24, 2000
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