Konica KD-500 Zoom review

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James Pittuck Regular Member • Posts: 106
Konica KD-500 Zoom review

Well, after ages of drooling over the kd400z i desided to go the little bit extra and get the kd500z.

i have now taken over 8000 pictures with this camera, still works as good as the first time i took it out of the box, very well constructed, even after the few bangs/drops it has had!

ill start with the bad bits, the manual is awful, it took ages to print, isnt that well writen, and seems a waste of time, so dont bother printing it! take the camera out and play!

can take videos, BUT, only 30 sec long, no matter how large your memory card is, also accessing the video controls is a long fiddly job! why not add the video mode to the four directional control? so no possibilty for quick taking of videos ( so no chance of me winning whos been framed! )

no shutter speed controls , apart from slow shutter.

The flash is dire, this needed flash level control as it washes out all the colors, ( been told the new kd520z has flash level controls ) i have yet to try the tape over the flash method.

The only other major problem is focasing, it seems to focus on everything apart from what im aiming at!

wasnt the most "out of the box and use" camera i have bought, i have owned it for about 3 months now, and i recomend a few dozen test pictures before going for real

But saying all that, i am glad i bought the camera, taking pictures outside are crystal clear, wonderful colors, quick start up times, and with two memory slots, can easy take all the hoilday photos i want!

transfering to my pc couldnt be easier, plug it into my windows xp computer, didnt need to install anything, and it copied the files to a folder of my choice!

its also one sexy looking camera, instant wow factor, made of a polished metal, has a green led in the front of it, just for show, this was turned off right away! < is there any real point for it? > the cover slides across easily , mine doesnt rub on the case as some overs have said.

easy to use menu's

overal, not a perfect camera, didnt have all the shutter controls that i would of liked, but more then perfect for snap shots,and everyday use where a larger slr camera would get in the way!

i read a lot of reviews, did lots of reseach into this camera, and until recently ( last couple of months ) no one mentioned any of these issues, everyone said it was a perfect camera. if i had of known its downfalls, i would not of bough this camera!


The sd cards! have to format in my computer with software that zeros the all the space on the card before each use with the 256mb card. due to problems with handling the fat on these larger cards.
if i dont format like this, i run a large risk of losing the photos due to system crashes!!
It does not say anywere in the manual not to use 235mb cards, konica uk and europe say its ok to use them, but konica usa says dont use 256mb cards! if konica themself cant make there minds up, we have no chance!!

Konica KD-500 Zoom
5 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 39 – 117 mm (3×)
Announced: Sep 29, 2002
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