Olympus C-730 UZ review

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Kuo-Wei Wong Junior Member • Posts: 39
Olympus C-730 UZ review

Having owned a Olympus D490, really like the quality and built, I thought I would stick with Olympus line. However, I was very disappointed with this "upgrade". The lens has a loose feel, although it does not affect the picture, it feels cheaply made. The focus is a tad slow during the day, but night time is poor, resulting with high noise shots over and over again. The 10x zoom is the very good, though.
I like the idea of using both smartmedia and xD, since I have a invested in Smartmedia already.
I really wanted to like this camera, even with some of the flaws. But after close to a month of use, I found one fairly largestuck pixel, and a few hot pixelx, that resulted in a return to my vendor, and I ordered a Minolta 7Hi instead.
If you are looking at a camera, do this:
- Read user reviews,
- Read reviews here, and other review sites,
- Get to "touch" one, and get to know how it feels in your hands - 730 is a little small for me, but D490 feels natural for me, even though physically, it is smaller, but the weight is more balanced.
- Know what you want to do with it, larger cameras are pain in the neck to carry around for snap shot situations, but extra features may not be available in smaller cameras.

what I liked:
- 10x zoom, WOW - 38-380 mm, is simply, awesome.
- Very nice Macro performance, without any additional add-ons.
- use of smartmedia.
- Movie with sound.
- Good battery life.


- Stuck pixel, hot pixel.
- poort night shot
- Loose feeling lens. I see other people reporting this, so maybe this is a feature?

Personal preferences:
- A little too small for my hands - although it's a perfect fit for my wife.
- lack of neck strap (only a single / side strap)

Olympus C-730 UZ
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 38 – 380 mm (10×)
Announced: Sep 12, 2002
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