Olympus D-500L review

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Olympus D-500L review

Very hard to give an objective view of this by today's standards (this camera is the US version of my old C-1000L). For example the ease of use, well when you have a serial port link to the PC that works when it can be bothered it's not really that easy to use. It's also not too easy when the thing won't focus lock on anything in less than bright sunlight.

Construction, plastic all over, enough said. Image quality, again looking back at the pictures and by todays standard, they're pixelated and beaten by pretty much any new camera at any price.

To top it all it also eats batteries like a cow eats grass, and there are four of them. The motors sound rougher than a dilapidated Yugo engine, and it's big/heavy.

In fact it's only saving grace is the true SLR like way you look through the actual lens, not a tiny viewfinder or electronic viewfinder like pretty much every new digital camera. It also has quite a number of features if I recall.

On the whole you're better off buying a tiny £100 1.2 mega pixel camera, better in every respect except lack of zoom. All in my humble opinion.


Mainly an EXTREMELY irritating PC link up via the serial ports....

Olympus D-500L
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 50 – 150 mm (3×)
Announced: Sep 10, 1997
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