HP Photosmart C215 review

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HP Photosmart C215 review

Fix for PS215 does nor store to CF after seeming to take picture. I have had the HP Photo Smart 215 since April 2001. Although I have had all the problems with short battery life, slow start up, slow to take a picture and downloads on the USB only works sometimes etc., I have managed to take quite a lot of good pictures. A year ago I got a good set of NiMH Acuumulators (RadioSchack 1300mAh) with charger for 50 $AU. These were recommended by a Tandy salesman in Australia. Since then I got 120+ pictures on one charge - a great improvements over Duracells which lasted 25 pictures only if in one session.


Problem 1:
215 does nor store to CF after seeming to take picture.

Go to the secret Administrative Mode by switching to Preview Mode and while holding down the shutter button press the scroll wheel for some seconds. Scroll down to "Take Preferences" (past the bottom of the screen) and make sure that "Dont Save Pic" is not selected. (It was not selected on mine). Nevertheless select it briefly and then deselect it. After that my camera saves pictures to CF again.

This problem started in July 2003 (the german guarantee expired in April) the camera acts as if it takes pictures, but does not write to the CF (32MB) at all. The counter does not advance and the preview says there are no pictures on the CF.

Makes you wonder that it failed shortly after the guarantee expired and there is firmware involved which has access to the date - and it can be fixed by accessing a menu normally only accessible to the manufacturer ??? (see fix above).

Problem 2:
Communication failure when attempting to download via USB

For downloading I use a trick. I noticed that I got "Communicitaion failure" mostly in hot weather. I put the camera in the fridge for half an hour and downloads nearly always work.!!!

My PS215, F/W V1.68b, H/W AL8131

Good luck with your camera
John E

HP Photosmart C215
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 43 mm
Announced: Sep 20, 2000
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