Sigma SD9 review

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Sigma SD9 review

Since first purchasing the SD9 a few months ago, I've taken almost 10,000 images. The SD9 color and resolution is so good that you may find yourself spending a lot of time picking which shots to save. Even "borderline images" become keepers, simply due to the amazing color produced by the SD9. Unlike other digitals, with the SD9 "what you see is what you get", no matter what colors are in the shot.

It's easy to operate, with good ergonomics, made even better when using the optional battery pack.

Battery drain is well within acceptable limits, though you'll need to keep sets of CR123s available. The camera-on interval is almost immediate, and recovery time after multiple shots is very short.

The Sigma Pro photo program makes more sense every time I use it. It's simple, and it works.

All in all, I'm hooked on the SD9. If you're looking for honest color, there's nothing out there that comes close, at any price.


The well-known dust on the sensor problem was encountered on both SD9 bodies that I've had. (The first body was replaced after it was mistakenly seen as the culprit when I had a lense problem).

The Sigma Pro processing program can be maddenlingly slow sometimes, but that's probably due to a less than speedy laptop.

The only other "problem" you may encounter is the time spent answering Foveon sensor questions from other photographers.

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Sigma SD9
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Announced: Feb 11, 2002
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