Konica e-mini M review

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Konica e-mini M review

Konica e-mini-M camera and media player is Basically Junk in my book. I purchased it bundled with an HP 3300 USB scanner from Konica as one package deal at a online auction for $60, a good buy considering the original retail of the camera alone was at about $200, which I've seen selling now (12/03) at auction for about $80. BUT I think it has over rated features but the camera itself is better then the actual install software to set it up on any Microsoft OS be it W9X,WMe,W2K, or WXP. I always have a hard time getting the camera recognized by the operating system. Maybe it's just my specific CD disk but to me, it's not worth the efforts involved for the performance of this camera. Imaging, if you have adequate light you'll get an image, audio features are fine, big deal! Not to mention Koinca did not include all accessories. You definitely need more compact flash memory as well.


Installation CD does not run or set ups the cameras drivers. You need to go to Minolta/Konica support and download the driver setup, which now supports XP...and PDF Manual if your smart.

These idiots use a setup for the camera manager and it's driver. Instead of giving you the physical driver as a seperate item so when Windows asks for it you browse and point right to it and have nice complete simple install...IDIOTs arrgh!

UPDATE...I have downloaded and run Konica's latest setup good to WinXP compatible software, (still no single driver) BUT things work on all my current operating systems of which I use WinMe, Win2000. WinXP Home and WinXP Pro. ps...I still think the photos suck, just not clear or focused well!...Sorry Shirley, your standards must be low, I would advise that no one buy this device as a digital still camera. Happy Holidays 2003...ez...

...need a link to drivers...email me at (ernzan@kwiknet.net) ...some posters didn't have the sense to leave an address to notify or help them...btw this is a great site...

Konica e-mini M
0 megapixels • 38 mm
Announced: Feb 9, 2001
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