Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P2 review

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P2 review

Well, I love this camera for all the same reasons everyone else loves it. It is small, easy to take places, pretty easy to learn and use, and takes decent pictures. Once you get the hang of the settings (like white balance, exposure, focus, flash) taking an acceptable picture is not difficult.

Its ability to record video for as long as the memory stick has space is very nice. Generally people (at least my friends) do not save or limit their amusing activity for a specific and consolidated 30 seconds. With this camera, I can just leave the camera recording until I have what I want. I don't need an hour or anything, but more than 30 or 60 seconds is very nice.

I like the proprietary InfoLithium battery. Its being proprietary is not a perk, of course, but I am a huge fan of info li batteries. The battery in this camera lasts a long time (around 2-4 hours depending on how I use the camera) and is very light. There is a meter that says how much time is left for the battery (though not perfectly accurate it is very helpful!). The battery will last a good day, or longer if you're not using it intesively.

The fact that you can turn off digital zoom (which does not actually zoom but it crops the image) is a huge plus for me.

The real reason I am writing a review at all, though, is because my camera broke. It is extremely possible (in fact, rather probable) that I simply received an odd one out, that this was a fluke. Even so, very disappointing.

Sony's warranty covers parts up to a year, but labor for only 90 days. Very bad! The flat fee is enough to buy a new camera! So I bought a new camera: the P8 (off of eBay, open-box, for less than the P2 when I purchased it). I was going to avoid buying Sony again, but I did not have the time or energy to seek out another camera with so many features I knew I would like. Plus, I had grown very attached to the unlimited video. And I already had a memory stick.

Please note: I purchased this camera off of

See below for what went wrong with the camera.


Value for money on this camera is brought down significantly in my case because of the problems I encountered. The power button stopped working, and that makes the camera completely unusable and a very poor buy.

Additionally, the little rubber grip on the front, to help the user hold the camera, started to peel/pull off. The body of the camera held together very, very well, but the outer coloring (paint?) did scratch off over time and that ruins the sleek look of the CyberShots.

About the power button: When I took the camera into a repair shop, they said to send it to Sony, the damage was such that a part needed to be replaced. My best guess is that a switch simply broke. After it stopped turning on the power button could be pushed a little sideways and a little bit into (under) the outer casing of the camera.

I certainly expect higher quality out of any Sony product that costs more than $10. My new (well, open-box, but new) P8 seems to be better in all respects, though.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P2
2 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 39 – 117 mm (3×)
Announced: May 29, 2002
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