Casio Exilim EX-S3 review

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Casio Exilim EX-S3 review

- Great design. Very sleek. Large LCD is an attention grabber.
- Portability. Very light and thin. The actual size is not as small as you'd think. But the lightness of the camera and it's thinness makes this maybe the most portable camera. You can just put it in your front shirt pocket and not feel like anything's in there.
- Lots of cool functions. The best shot mode is awesome. It allows you to make your own settings, and use it at ease. ISO levels are pretty decent too, considering it's such a small cam.
- I thought that the quality of the pics were very good. I'm merely a beginniner, so this may not mean much, but I really thought this cam took some nice pictures, and I didn't even set it at the highest resolution. Perhaps, if you are really into photography, you may notice, but if you are, you probably would want to go with the SLR's anyway.

- Too small? Well, this is actualy a good thing, but because it's so portable, it's really easy to lose. I actually lost my first Ex-3 on my frist week, then bought another one, only to lose it again! Luckliy, i found it the second time around, but it just shows u, how easy it is to misplace it.
- Lack of a good case. First, it doesn't come with a case. You have to buy it. But even the ones that are out in the market, are not that great IMO. The cases make the camera bulkier, kind of beating the purpose of having this cam.
- No Zoom. Yes, there's digital zoom, but like everyoneelse in this site has mentioned, is practically useless. You mind as well just take the picture normally, then zoom it up in photoshop. It'll give you pretty much the same effect. I found zoom to be quite a necessary feature in photography, after i played aroudn with my friend's zoomable camera.
- No burst mode. yes, it's really fast and easy to turn it on and take a picture, but u still have to hold the cam steady for like a second or two, before it actually takes the picture. Like if you wanted to take a pic someone who didn't want to (hehe), u surprise them and take a pic, but by the time the cam actually takes the pic, they'll have their hand on their face. So it's not 'instant', as I thought it would be. I think for it to be instant, it needs 'burst mode'. Comparable Kyocera cam has this.
- The recharger/USB port is cumbersome. It's nice when u have it at home, but if you were travelling, you'd have to carry that whole cradle with u, just so u can recharge ur batteries.

Suffice it to say, I bought the cam again for the second time, after I lost it the first time. This should tell you how much I like the cam. It's really the most portable cam out there, outside of those 1 mega pixel spy cams, and its features and sleek look, make it a true winner. But for my next cam, I'm going to make sure that it has zoom capability and burst mode.

Casio Exilim EX-S3
3 megapixels • 2 screen • 35 mm
Announced: Mar 2, 2003
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