Olympus E-100 RS review

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Olympus E-100 RS review

A peculiar purchase was what I would classify my buying the E100. I actually was turned on to this cam after months of research, looking for a faster, more reliable megazoom cam with IS. I had a Canon Pro 90IS for almost 2 years before I bought this cam (May 2003). I must say it is the fastest camera I have ever owned period. Great low light capability for a 10 x cam. Great feel, easy to use just a nice piece. My only real gripe was the 1.5 MP sensor but I have learned to live with it and have added to my stable a Panasonic DMC FZ10 for higher resolution pics when I need them. I was lucky to find this cam on Olympus America's E-bay store last May and took advantage of it and won the auction. i have not regretted this cam purchase and will never give this one up (unlike the pitifully slow Pro 90 which went the way of E-bay).


Of course would liked to have seen the same resolution as the 2100UZ but like I said I can live with the 1.5 M. Some of my minor complaints are as listed:

LCD scratches easily.

Settings reset button can be too easliy engaged as it is right next to the power button.

Finally I felt that noise was too high on a lot of pics. I have heard of firmware updates that supposedly compensated for some of this but I believe that I had the latest update already installed when I bought this cam and it is still very noticable and needs filtering to cleanup the images in most cases..
Other than that I love this cam it will be up there with my rating on the Panasonic FZ10.

Olympus E-100 RS
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 38 – 380 mm (10×)
Announced: Aug 22, 2000
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