Nikon D70 review

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Kerry Pierce
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Nikon D70 review

The D70 is my first digital SLR, coming from using all-in-one consumer cameras from Sony. It's an excellent camera, especially with regard to value for the money. In many respects, the D70 is my dream camera.

It will function as a point and shoot, but will require that the user read the manual, do some test photos and adjust the many default values that are available to get the output comparable to consumer cameras. I marked Ease of use as a 5, within the context that this is a dslr, not the average consumer camera.

The real magic of this camera is the ease of use for the different program modes and manual settings available. Again, this requires that the user read the manual and learn how to operate the camera and utilize the many features. I have a mixture of new Nikon and Sigma lenses, all of which have worked as expected.

Without doubt, this is the best camera I've ever owned.

Update, Sept 22, 2004. Having owned the D70 since March, I've now logged over 20,000 photos. I couldn't be much happier with the camera. I carry it every day and usually shoot in marginal conditions, which are low percentage shots and is why I have taken so many photos. When I do my part, the D70 has always done what it was supposed to do. I see no reason to change any of the ratings. If my D70 broke tonight, I'd buy another one tomorrow.


I haven't encountered any problems with the camera or lenses other than the learning curve that would be associated with any new, feature rich camera.

The only thing I don't like is that the remote shutter release is infrared and the receptor is located on the left, front side of the camera. That means it isn't as easy to work from the rear as it could be.

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Nikon D70
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Announced: Jan 28, 2004
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