Minolta DiMAGE Xt review

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Minolta DiMAGE Xt review

I bought this camera for the around 6 months ago and it is workin fine for me. It was really good in taking outdoor picture or indoor picture with bright lighthing. the start-up time was really fast, it was good for snap shoot anytime.

when i 1st bough it, i feel there was lag in the shutter speed, but after i have set the iso to manual 100 instead of auto mode the stuttle speed increase dramatically. But it still lag when talkin photo in low lighting place.

Night scene was not good if not using tripod stand as the pic will have blur effect due to hand shaking & slow shutter speed. To overcome this problem i usually set the iso level to 200 for faster shutter speed & reduce the EV.

ISO 400 was a better solution but there will be more noise on the pic but still is acceptable & can be reduce even more using photoshop or similar graphic program.

Baterry life was too short that i actually bough extra 2 bateries for my 256mb sd card to fill up for a full day shooting. when using flash, u can even notice the lack of batery life more.

Image quality was excellent for outdoor pic & for low lighting photo, thanks to the noice reduction technology, there was not much noise even in ISO400 mode. The color was excastly same as the object, there was no color diff form the real object as most digital camera have problem with some color. Taken pic using TIFF storage can ansure on no photo quality of lossing & is suitable of photo editing using graphic software as photoshop.

With the built in optical zoom it was really amazing how they can put all thing into such a small size. LCD was easiler scatch by the strip provide, it is recomemded to buy a new strap for it.

For the marine casing it was 3/4 of the prise for the camera in Malaysia, i dunno whether other country have the same pricey price too? i found it was too expensive :/ but it worth buyin, underwater pic was good compare to others small digital camera with marine case i have use.

It is very worth the price buying for camera with such a tiny size & weight with unlimited movie recording with audio. Although it was only 3.2mega pixel i found out picture quality was much more better then those 5.0/4.0mega pixel small digital camera till now on May 2004.


- LCD is easily scratched by the wrist strap that is provided.
- Batery life was too short.
- Night scene shooting shaked if not using tripod but can be overcome using higher ISO & reduce EV level
- Movie store in mov format is too large should change to mpeg4 as too hard to share it with others
- No micro focus shoot (15cm was too far away)
- No built in memory (not really a problem as most digital built-in memory was so little)

Minolta DiMAGE Xt
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 37 – 111 mm (3×)
Announced: Mar 1, 2003
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