Pentax Optio 555 review

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Pentax Optio 555 review

When my old camera broke down i spent almost 5 months searching for the next one. I really wanted that "Super camera". After alot of searching I picked the Optio 555. Almost one year later I know that there is no such thing as a super camera but The 555 comes pretty close. I''m VERY satisfied with it though there're some details I dislike.

Good stuff:

* All manual features you can find in digital system cameras except for the extreme ranges in aperture and shutter speed. I can really do almost anything with it!

* The combination of 5MP and 5X zoom together with 2 cm macro is a winning concept.

* Easy to use, every setting is really just one button away. The Menu/Fn button is great, keeps the back of the camera more clean from annoying extra buttons.

* 3D mode and Panorama are awesome when used right. I'm in a panorama-period right now and I think the bundled stitching programme in Acdsee works really great.

* Battery life is very good.


Ok, the bad stuff, some minor but some worse aswell.
1. Design
2. Battery indicator
3. Lcd
4. Wideangle
5. Lens cap
6. White stripes

1. The least important issue is the design, the camera is actually pretty ugly and does not show what it can do but hey, inside is what counts right?

2. Battery indicator is not consequent, shows green for a looooong time but as soon as it goes into yellow, red follows quickly and pretty soon your'e out of power.

3. The lcd is hard to use in bright light especially at the beach(I know it's an extreme condition with really bright light but still it could've been better) and the optical viewfinder is horrible!

(I'm about to buy another camera so that's why I'm not scared of taking it to the beach.)

4. The wide angle is not that good, taking indoor pictures can be really hard especially with lots of people. I'm used to Fujifilm Finepix 4700 Zoom which was alot better. (not in the figures but when used)

5. The lens cap is porly constructed, although I always carry it in a case and check the lens very often for dirt somehow something entered and when I turned it on the object was scratched against the lens leaving a mark. Not noticable in images though but still not pleasant to look at. (Note that this was before I started taking it to the beach)

6. WHITE STRIPES!!!!! This is what I'm really disappointed with. When shooting pictures against the direction of the sun(does not have to be directly into the sun) Some areas or in worst case the whole image is covered with white/grey small horizontal stripes. This can be avoided by holding one hand above and in front of the lens to shade it or standing in the shade when shooting.

Pentax Optio 555
5 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 38 – 188 mm (5×)
Announced: Sep 3, 2003
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