Ricoh Caplio RX review

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Ricoh Caplio RX review

this is the first digicam i've bought, and i've only bought it as a present for someone else, but still, i took a day and checked it out.

why this one ? because i needed something with 28mm (or less), with a big optical zoom, and at the same time lightweigth. small, and not too expensive. these requirements left next to no options.

experience: i took it to a football-stadium, packed with 60.000. the camera is tough enough to survive beeing tapped down by security guards and beeing used within a large crowd of drunken fellows.
weight and size is not much more than a mobilephone. pictures are excellent in sharpness and colour (i forced focus on unlimited, everything else on "auto"). pictures in daylight or slightly cloudy haven't been a problem, but when inside a room, with artificial light the flash would be required fairly quickly (when my slr minolta would take brilliant pictures without one, even with an iso100).
using the zoom the camera quickly thinks you'd need a tripod, but i took the pictures anyway and almost all of them looked fine.

camera uses std. accu (2 x 2100mah) and i took 200 high definition pictures, some with flash, and still the camera reports power as "full".

what i didn't like:
1.if you're not using the display to chose the scene, you'll only see something like 80% of what you're taking a picture of. not even the display is accurate, but shows only 95% of the image.
2. indoors you need the flash way too early, but maybe thats normal for such a tiny lens. (also it takes a few seconds to reload the flash, which is irritating at first)
3. in bright sunlight the display is not easy to read, so (and maybe i've been used to for ages) i tried to take pictures with the ocular(sp?), but when you press the butten and the camera focuses, the display lights up, with your eye almost on top of it. very irritating, but maybe one can turn this off.
4. the complete manual comes only as a PDF-file on CD. so i only read the printed short version.

what i liked most:
1. camera is ready to shoot immediately and has an excellent shutter-speed
2. 28mm-100mm lens
3. small and lightweight
4. cost only around 160$
5. uses SD-memory cards
6. can use standard batteries
7. everyone will be able to use this thing immediately

yes i liked this camera, but i guess, i'll wait for the successor, the ricoh caplio r1 (due within a few weeks) with an ever larger range 28-135mm, and then i'll buy myself this thing to be able to take a camera on the bike and wherever i go...

Ricoh Caplio RX
3 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 28 – 100 mm (3.6×)
Announced: Mar 6, 2004
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