Pentax Optio S4i review

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Pentax Optio S4i review

I bougt this camera recently and took it on a trip last week. I have to say: it's awesome! First of all the size, which is absolutely perfect, i kept it in my pocket ALL the time, and it looks really nice too. Before i bougt it i was a little concered about the image quality, but i have been very positive surprised (i think that the image quality is VERY good when compared to the size of the camera).

The LCD has a resonable size ("1,8), not small and not that big.

I comes with a cradle, which i think is very nice. Just plug the camera in and it will charge.

The battery life is good despite the size. I have had NO problem using it moderate all the day, and recharged it at night in the hotel. It's also very nice to have a battery indicator, which my previous canon cameras didn't have.

The autofocus is quick and relieable. I compared it to a Canon IXUS v2, and the S4i is waaaaay faster.


Of course it is not a DSLR, so it does not perform great in low-light (but i guess no ultra-compact does that!).

The optical viewfinder is tiny.

I've heard somebody had problems with image quality (blured in left side), but mine is fine (grey edition).

Could be nice if i could transfer the pictures to the computer with the cradle, that would be a little easier than with my card-reader... but hey, thats not a big problem.

Bottom line: I recommend this camera to anyone who want's something extremely pocketable to take anywhere, looks and feels really nice and takes good pictures.

Pentax Optio S4i
4 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 2, 2004
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