Fujifilm FinePix E510 Zoom review

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Mike Jacoubowsky Forum Member • Posts: 80
Fujifilm FinePix E510 Zoom review

Needed a camera with a relatively wide-angle lens while in Hawaii and picked up the E510 while there. The 28-91mm zoom is very nice for landscapes, and the fast startup time helps it to be relatively unobtrusive. However, pix quality at 5m isn't up to par with my older Oly D40 (4m), and not even close to my Oly 5050 (5m).

Size is nice, and I definitely prefer the rectangular shape to the more-square shape of the Oly D40. Makes it a lot easier to hold level & steady. Also nice that it takes standard AA NiMH batteries.


Images are fairly noisy, even at lowest (ISO 80) setting. "Sports" mode is supposed to set ISO to 200, but that doesn't seem to happen (the ISO stays at whatever you had previously set it for in a prior mode). No burst mode (but fortunately buffer clears pretty quickly so there isn't a long delay before it's ready for the next shot).

And xD memory cards... pricey! Shop around if you have time; I finally found a 512meg at Fry's for $89. In Hawaii, had to buy a 128meg card for $65 (it comes with a nearly-useless 16meg card).

Fujifilm FinePix E510 Zoom
5 megapixels • 2 screen • 28 – 91 mm (3.3×)
Announced: Jul 28, 2004
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