Olympus C-3030 Zoom review

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Olympus C-3030 Zoom review

I have been using my 3030Z for over three years for snapshots without a single problem. It still compares extremely well with current 3 megapixel cameras. The f2.8 lense is very good, and all pictures are sharp and clear. The colors are very accurate (less saturated than newer point and shoot cameras), which is what the pros like best. However, newer cameras all give more saturated colors, which is what amateurs like best, so, if you want more saturation, you can change the camera settings or add it with software like photo shop. It also has reasonable low light capability, without focus problems. It is very easy to use, has all sorts of manual controls for the more advanced amateur, and you can pick them up used on E-Bay for just over $100.


There is more shutter delay than newer cameras, but it is not a problem unless you are shooting action shots. I would have liked an action mode, but all it has is a single programmed mode. You can adjust all the parameters and make your own action mode, but it takes some time to get it all set up. One thing that helps a lot is to turn on the continuous focus. ISO 200 is about as high as you should set it for available light. ISO 400 is too noisy to be very useful. There is no noise suppression, so hot pixels will show up in a night sky.

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Olympus C-3030 Zoom
3 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 32 – 96 mm (3×)
Announced: Jan 27, 2000
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