Minolta DiMAGE F200 review

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Minolta DiMAGE F200 review

I bought it in Hong Kong too

very cheap now as it is 2 full years old

F200, amazing, but no one mention here, since the camera come with a 1.5M long red white yellow RGB cable, you could connect it to TV or VCR, then the color LCD will be off (to save battery, could be) and it become a cam corder

the secret macro function work, only if you see F2.8 on color LCD display and can zoom into your keyboard, within 2 or 3 cm , still bright enough to see, then you know it work -- not all the methods on the net work, some are easier, some are just blur and dim

there is a trick that I read the forum, when you press the shuttle, it may handshake the picture, so you better use timer mode, (10 sec for you to hold the camera as steady as possible) then it will auto press the shutter itself, this way, it may release some hand skakiness, have not tried it out yet

I think I can use it to take the picture off the whiteboard, so I never have to drop any notes again
or use it as a scanner, and email the photo of document away (as I don't have a scanner or fax machine)

Lots of nice feature, advice you to get one


those slow zoom and a bit noise, it sound perfect and it is ok to me

no one ever mention
if you use the eye on the view finder and use TELE lever and zoom into something, unlike traditional auto camera, it could zoom into the object as long as the optical zoom go, that is a nice surprise

also if you don't want the lens pop out and play back the photo you just photograph, try this

off --> setup / sound record in one SWIFT move
then go to playback in one SWIFT move (or just off--> play)

then the lens won't come out

many people mention battery, GP is good , 2100mAh in Hong Kong is not expensive,
when you take picture, you could take 2 or 3 for one object, and never play it back (play in LCD costs battery drainage) and play back after you takes all the picture that you intended to

then you could save battery (AUTO power off after 1 min is good too)

This camera got so many awesome feature, it worths more than it market at the retail shop

Minolta DiMAGE F200
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Announced: Mar 2, 2003
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