Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z20 review

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Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z20 review

Worth its Money!

I bought the Dimage Z20 for 225 EUR, and it is worth its money! I really love my new DigiCam.

35- 290mm Lens:
The zooms lens is very cool. The max aperture is 3.2 at 36mm wide angle, not the best in its class, but it is still 3.4 at 290mm and that awesome. The pictures are sharp and crispy all alonge the zoom range. The tele zoom range gives me a lot of flexibility and a nice unsharp background for beautiful portraits.

Switching the LCD to viewfinder:
Nice feature, I am still able to compose my picture even in brightest sunlight.

43mm filter screw:
I haven´t bought a filter yet, but it seems I do not need a adapter or something. I am going to use a Skylight filter for the protection of the lens and maybe try a polarizing filter. A lens hood would also be nice, we will see....

4 normal AA batteries/rechargeable batteries:
Makes the cam more heavy but I don´t run out of juice so easily.

Live Histrogramm:
It can provide some hepl in difficult light situations

Size and weight:
May sound strange but I like my Cam not too compact. The Z20 is not bulky, it really seems bigger on those marketing pictures than it really is, and still I do not always press 3 buttons at the same time because they are so small and close together. I can use the button even while looking through the viewfinder. (I would like to underline also the diopter- adjustment dial for the viewfinder. My Dad likes that together with the bigger buttons very much.)

Plastic body:
I have to say that this is no problem for me. The Z20 does not feel or look cheaper constructed than other digicams. The design will polarize - some people may like it, some may not, I haven´t made my mind up yet. (A buddy of mine said it is as ugly as night is dark, but that´s not true!)

The Z20 is a super digicam for 225 EUR. Like jandings wrote before "an almost unbelievable value for my money".


Slowest shutter speed of 4 seconds:
That´s really a problem. 4 seconds are a very tight limit for night shots and very often its just not long enough for correct exposure. I do have the hope that the hardware of the Z20 is for the most parts identical with the Z5. (The Dimage Z5 has a slowest shutter speed of 15 seconds.) Maybe the shutter speed of the Z20 is only limited by freaking KM software, and not by hardware. Can KM bring a firmware update to solve that problem? Would any hacker please take a look at the Z20??

For my taste the pics are to noisy even at ISO 100. It is not worth to mention in outdoor shots but its significant in most indoor pics (no matter if flash is used or not). It is nothing a good noise reduction software could not handle but it hurts that KM is forcing me to spend the extra post processing time for noise reduction. I do use Neat Image and it removes the niose perfectly, so its no big problem.

Flash in Macro mode:
The close focus distance of 1cm sounds awesome on paper, but it is useless as soon as you need the flash. Every object closer than ~30cm will be terminated by the flash. Even with flash compensation to -2 and at ISO 50 you are not getting closer than ~25cm. (That´s when the tele- lens becomes quite handy, the lens helps you to keep enough distance so that the flash works properly)

Grainy display:
The LCD does not seem to be "state of the art". Looks like KM used the cheapest LCD available to reduce cost.

Tripod screw thread:
I am not so happy with the plastic tripod screw thread. With a zoom range up to 290mm it is most likely I will have to use my tripod more often than with a 3x Zoom lens. I hope it will hold for some time....

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z20
5 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 36 – 290 mm (8.1×)
Announced: Jan 21, 2005
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