Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c review

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Hernan Mapua New Member • Posts: 8
Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c review

In the first week I had it, used it for a wedding with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens, and while some photos were extremely good, other photos left me wondering what happened.

In the field photographing cars, a tripod is mandatory. In fact, the camera demands it. It's great in the studio where everything is controlled, but in the field it can disappoint. This camera doesn't shoot well from a moving car, and it won't shoot with a full buffer. The flash works best in manual.

Last month I took photos of a car racing event, and the buffer let me down when I was photographing the cars in action, and the drivers. A quality point-and-shoot film camera saved the day!


Sometimes the autofocus doesn't work. The C-mos chip gets dusty easily, so learn to bag this camera.

This is not a point-and-shoot kiddie camera. You have to learn how to use it to get the best out of it. Practice makes for perfect and outstanding photos!

Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c
14 megapixels • 1.8 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Mar 18, 2004
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