Casio QV-8000SX review

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Niels Warmbold New Member • Posts: 2
Casio QV-8000SX review

I bought this camera 1n August 2000 and it was my first digital camera. Until then I had 35mm cameras

(Yashica FR1 and Canob EOS500) but after very short time I simply felt good with this model.
My choice for this model was mainly because of the swiwel lens, which is very handy and offers a lot of

opportunities for creative photography and because it is using normal AA-cells.

The price then was DM 699 (€ 350). I've been using it quite a lot since then neglegted my Canon EOS 35mm

ever since.
For an LCD display camera it is reasonable on battery usage. An Epson Photo Smart lasts not even half the


I don't print my photos anymore but send them to an online-photo service for real prints and they are

absolutly amazing. Better then the once I've printed with my Epson Stylus Photo EX.

Lately I bought a Fisheye lens (0,43x) to make indoor photographing in small rooms even better. You have

to use an servo/slave flash though but for less then € 10 you get a Wireless Slave Flash Shoe that is

triggered by the flash from the Casio.

I have nothing to complain regarding the features and functionality of this camera, except the missing

optical view finder because the LCD is just out of the question in bright light. You shoot an guess and

look in view mode what you got. Surprisingly the view mode works fine in bright light.

Using NiMH 1800 and 2000 mAh rechargeables I had no power problems. With 2x 64MB and 2x 48MB CF-Cards

I've never ran out of space.

I've just bought a QV-3500EX (second hand) as a second digital (with a view finder!) but will certainly

keep my QV-8000SX!!

Top features, top quality, top performance, easy to use and a nice size and weight. Some newer cams are

for children fingers only, like the latest mobile phones...

The power-on time is something you have to get used to but for the price I paid I can live with it.

LCD is miserable in bright light
Power-On time is too long
When focusing is on mulit, the QV-8000SX sometime has problems finishing focusing (change setting to

center helps).


Non really

Casio QV-8000SX
1 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 40 – 320 mm (8×)
Announced: Jul 20, 1999
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