Pentax Optio S60 review

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D P Cole New Member • Posts: 24
Pentax Optio S60 review

This is an oddball of a camera. All things considered, and as far as digital is considered, I'm impressed with the thing. But there are some drawbacks...

I did some test runs and found the following:

* Macro mode is IMPRESSIVE.
* Images at ISO64 are virtually noise-free. Highly impressive. (Camera goes up to only ISO200, however, so I suspect the camera may not be so great at 200, so I'll stick to ISO 64 or 100.)
* Small in size
* Good battery life (200+ pics with plenty of battery life left (two AA size, 2500 NiMH each)
* Captured images look realistic. Not overtly glowing in saturation. Not overly contrasty either. (almost under-contrasty or "muddy", but it's better for it to underachieve than overachieve!!! Still, I say "almost" for good reason. And too many cameras I've used merrily overdo the contrast. There's a lot of shadow detail that's taken, and for low-end digital I am quite surprised.)
* With the sharpness set to LOW, the camera still takes very detailed pictures.

Given I am more 'at home' with SLR cameras, it's nice to see a low-end camera that also has the professional in mind. Anybody could easily use this camera, regardless of experience.

For a 6MP camera, and set at superfine resolution, average compression ratio seems to be 1:6. While it's not 1:4 as I would have liked, it's not 1:8 either.

In short, and read my problems below, for most things this isn't a half-bad camera. But low-light situations could be a bugger and there's no manual focus.


Zoom lens seems audibly noisy; as does the sensor shutter.

* The focus element is not so hot. The scene needs to be well lit or else it's not going to give you even a remotely decent image.

Pentax Optio S60
6 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 106 mm (3×)
Announced: Aug 23, 2005
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