Olympus Stylus 600 (mju 600 Digital) review

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Olympus Stylus 600 (mju 600 Digital) review

I looked long and hard for a pocket-style camera. I cuurently had one of the earlier generations of the Olympus SLR C2500L - a whopping 2.5 MP ... That served me well for 7 years and my analysis (paralysis) led me to this Stylus 600.

- It has great features for a 6 MP camera < $300. Lack of a view finder was very foerign to me - taking a bit of getting used to ...

- The 2.5" LCD is very very nice. However, in Bright sunlight, it is still very tough to see ... even after boosting up the brightness (which you can control through the options.)

- The options are numerous and the in-camera HELP system explains a lot of the various MODES (if you don't have the manual with you). Or you can just leave it in (P)rogram mode and let it figure it out for you. The pictures are stunning ...

- The case of the camera is very solid. The only potential issue is the exposed LCD screen - but that is probaably true of all cameras.

- Even with the thru-the-viewer LCD, the Lithion Battery keeps a very long charge (unlike my oldr SLR.) It *claims* to be able to take at least a hundred pics on 1 charge. I haven't tested that yet and tend to be paraniaranoid enough to just recharge it after a day or 2 of use.

- All in all, I love this camera.


The thing you must be aware of is (at its base retail price) it only comes with 16MB of Internal memory -- this is barely enough for 4-5 pictures of decent quality (HQ) and only 2 pics at SHQ. Forget Movies or Panaoramic - can't be done without an External card. So you MUST purchase a secondary storage (xD) card for the unit. I purchased the 1BG xD card which allows me around 350 pics at SHQ !! If you shop around, the 1GB xD card can be found for < $85.

The other thing that takes some getting used to is the sensitity of pressing the focus button 1/2 way ... I was mistakenly snapping pictures before things were locked in focus. I'm used to it now - but when you hand over the camera to someone else, good luck with the results. Mayn times you'll end up with unwanted or out-of-focus pics in that case.

And speaking of case - you don't get a camera case for the unit ... I would have thought that they would provide one.

The software that came with it on CD that has the Photo management software for the camera failed to Load. I struggled with that for a couple of days. The Olympus Web Site is useless for this camera - I assume because it is so new. I finally was able to install the s/w after some hints and suggestions from fellow photographers in the Olympus Forums.

Olympus Stylus 600
6 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Aug 29, 2005
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