Casio Exilim EX-Z110 review

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keysmith Junior Member • Posts: 27
Casio Exilim EX-Z110 review

Here is LONG review of this Casio. This Casio is a fair 6mp digital camera with noticeable characteristics. I have worked with it for couple of days. Here is my opinion
• Customizable in most aspects – remembers selected settings after switching on and off
• Manual Controls (A, S, M, Manual Focus, Wide&Spot AF, Matrix &Spot &center Photometer, Manual ISO, Manual WB) – Also many Auto modes and scene modes
• Fair 640x480 (VGA) 30fps unlimited video with sound (no zoom while in video) (42mb/min = 12min in a 512, also better quality with 72mb/min, and economy 320x480 15fps)
• Very fast startup (switch on) – You can capture the moment
• Large 2’’ TFT display (not so bright thought) with many information modes (4 including off). Also has optical view finder.
• Fast adequate AF in most cases (no light assistant)
• Nice flash with adjustable brightness (Flash EV)
• Good picture quality (like most in this category) with 3 levels of Jpeg compression and many MP selections modes (6mp, 4mp, 2mp,..). But then again.. not a DSLR.
• Relatively low ISO noise (after all it has usable ISO 400). And DON'T use "digital image stabilizer" (it inserts noise)
• AA batteries last long enough (I have used 2300mAh)
• 3/2 Grid display (optional setting for TFT) to assist new photographers in composing better photos (not to put peoples heads on the center)
• WAV sound recording (can be used as Digital recording device, >25 hours (hours not mins) on a 512card). Also you can add voice on pictures.
• Handy controls, easy menu (but only two shortcuts)
• Many useless functions (crop, resize, edit, effects etc)
• Portable size - Cheap for 6mp (188E in Athens-Greece)

• Lens with ONLY two aperture (in 35mm it has 3.1max and 4.1min, same in telephoto). This practically makes ALMOST useless manual controls (‘A’ program has no use as you only have two options. Also ‘S’ program is almost useless as you have to set "auto ISO" or else you easily end up with over-under exposed pictures). Do not buy it to learn photography principles. But well.. as is, manual controls are better than no manual controls at all.
• It has 6 distinct steps in zoom (not analogue zooming). But this is not bad. Most x3 lens are of this kind. It is like 35-50-65-80-100-114 (well I guess so). Those 6 steps are OK for MOST people. Or is it 7?
• Very confusing connection with PC. USB jack too delicate. Also don’t follow manual instruction for initial connection. Do first switch on the camera and then connect for FIRST time.
• SD slot too tight (you need a needle to remove SD)
• Only ONE (2 in a pair) shortcut buttons (left right arrows). I use the as EV compensation, but other useful functions need shortcut like self timer, ISO setting, etc You need to access menus to find them f you don’t put it to the ONE shortcut. On the other hand you have Focus mode by default on the up arrow (why? Who changes Focus mode more often than using self-timer?). If you are an amateur user you can accidentally set your camera in “Manual focus” and have all your photos unfocused (till next time you switch on the camera).
• Relatively SOFT pictures. But ok for most people (and me). Don’t forget pros prefer soft pictures as it is more natural and leaves room for further possessing (Photoshop). Also remember that Sharpness (as saturation and contrast) are adjustable. This means you can have “sharp” pictures after all.
• Cold colors, (I prefer Olympus on this). Fills like.. Sony (?) pictures
• Relatively litle information in EXIF tags on JPG file. (ISO value is not recorded ).


USB connection was and still is tricky (not always recognized by the PC). I hope a firmware update will correct this issue.

SD slot too tight for my SD.

Casio Exilim EX-Z110
6 megapixels • 2 screen • 35 – 114 mm (3.3×)
Announced: Aug 4, 2005
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