Canon PowerShot SD500 (Digital IXUS 700 / IXY Digital 600) review

Started Jan 14, 2006 | User reviews thread
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Canon PowerShot SD500 (Digital IXUS 700 / IXY Digital 600) review

This is my first digital camera therefore I can't really compare it to any other. I can tell however that it takes very good pictures if you use the auto setting. I found that higher ISOs do result in a lot of noise. I took pictures indoors at night in ambient lighting and set the camera in Manual at ISO 400. The resulting print came out quite noisy especially the black colors. I wouldn't use ISO 400 again, and would probably just use auto settings most of the time. There is also a problem with red eye, but nothing that the accompanying software can't correct. It's sometimes slow in writing to memory when in macro mode. To be fair though, I'm not sure if I'm using the feature correctly. I haven't used all the features such as AIAF, white balance, etc because honestly, I don't know what they are for. Overall, for a average user, this camera is more than ample.


Noise at high ISO.
Red eye.

Canon PowerShot SD500 (Digital IXUS 700 / IXY Digital 600)
7 megapixels • 2 screen • 37 – 111 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 17, 2005
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