Nikon D50 review

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Nikon D50 review

Usability of the camera is fantastic - all the controls work reasonably intuitively giving me complete control over every aspect of the picture I want to take, while my wife can walk up to it, set it to Auto or a "Variprogram" Scene and snap away like a normal old point and shoot. I was disappointed with the colors at first until I realized that my eye had grown accustomed to the way our Kodak LS753 P&S had been saturating bright primary colors & skin tones on-camera and that I can achieve the same or better results easily with far greater control using the D50 and Nikon Capture.

With the Nikkor 18-200 VRII lens and a 1.8D 50mm in your pocket, this camera is all the gear you'll need for just about any occasion


The "as shot" Auto white-balance is pretty rough and it seems to be easy to fool and the Auto ISO feature is pretty much useless (jumps around seemingly at random): I only mention these nits because they are made more conspicuous by the excellence of all of the other features - This camera works really well!

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Nikon D50
6 megapixels • 2 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Apr 20, 2005
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