Olympus C-720 UZ review

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Olympus C-720 UZ review

I purchace this Olympus C-720 UZ camera mostly to our sportclubs web-gallery tool. Powerfull zoom and wide scale settings (compact-type camera) were the most important reasons. I have owned it now more than three years and taken ~10.000 photos. During these years ~2000 photos have been on those web-callery pages and even now there is maybe several hundreds of sportfotos on these pages.

Also I have carryed this camera all around world with me and couple of times workteam has put everybodys fotos to one laptop and afterwars those fotos were delivered to everybody. Seems that 8X zoom is such benefit that daytimefotos taken with C-720 were many cases the best of all; espesially at safaris etc. Otherway "normal" view fotos were so samekind that it was absolutely inpossible to separate wich camera was used. (Canon, Fuji, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, HP…)

- 8X zoom, for me absolutely necessary
- Several teme-programs; sport, person, etc.
- Pre-defined "my-camera" settings
- Full manual exposure controll
- Aperture priority
- Shutter priority
- operating time with 4AA rechargeable batterys
- back-up operating possibility with normal AA-batterys
- Max aperture 1: 2.8 quite OK


- Noise at 400
- slow start-up
- long lagtime after pressing
- slow autofocus
- no manual focus
- weak flash for indoor sportfotomeaning

Best 10x15 holydayphotos ever during firs trip 2002 autum ( big reason: 40 printed from 120 taken…)
OK outdoor quality.
It is still trusty equipment even after several years, ten thousand fotos and after 100.000 miles travelling. But time has run and new one is now in aimpoint, propably EOS350D.

Olympus C-720 UZ
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 40 – 320 mm (8×)
Announced: May 8, 2002
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