Epson PhotoPC L-500V review

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Epson PhotoPC L-500V review

This has to be one of the most under-reviewed and under-rated cameras ever
made. Why this camera didn't receive more attention and applause when it was first
released in anybody's guess, because it should have. It is a superb piece of picture-
taking equipment.

Image quality is so good that I was able to blow up my first set of test prints to almost
13" X 19" with little or no noticeable loss of detail or color fidelity. Images have
depth, "roundness," tonal sublety and weight. They look like the real thing.

Announced in September of 2004 and sporting a large, easily viewed 2.5" LCD (and
no viewfinder) the camera was somewhat ahead of its time. It has no viewfinder and
is smaller than a pack of playing cards. It is a true point-and-shoot and one of the
easiest cameras to operate. Very quick to respond, the L-500 rivals many larger
cameras...including some of the more coveted its ability to resolve detail
and be faithful to real-life color. But unlike a DSLR or the latest super-Sony and
super-Panasonic fixed lens cameras, this one slides into a pants pocket with ease
and is ready to shoot in a second. Once your done, shut it down and put it back in
your pocket in two seconds or less. A great street camera!

The camera has been discontinued but still pops up from time-to-time on ebay. I
found mine on a shelf at CompUSA, still packaged in its protective shrink wrap;
never opened, never used. It was originally around $350-$400. They were asking
$99! So, naturally, I bought it.

Image-wise, it's better than the latest Canon SD200, 300 and 400 pocket cameras
(though without as many features). It's MUCH better than any of the small
Panasonic's I've tried. And the black-on-black, all metal, smooth surface styling
makes this quite a standout among the shiny plastic P&S's that are running rampant
today. A great camera. I really lucked out at the price I paid.


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Epson PhotoPC L-500V
5 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 34 – 102 mm (3×)
Announced: Sep 30, 2004
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