Epson R-D1 review

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Epson R-D1 review

As has been said by others: beautiful, solid feeling, indeed gives you a completely other photographing experience than say, a Canon. I use it a lot in low light stage-situations with the Noctilux 50/1 and the results are very, very satisfying, the difference with other digital camera-results being noticable for everybody. I also took it with me on a holiday trip thru southern Spain, using it as a regular 'tourist' camera and that worked also extremely well (also with Summicron 35/2). Of course all dusk/dawn-photo's stand out because of the Noctilux, but the quality of the digital innards is very un-digital. For me this is the ultimate 'toy', or should I say 'instrument' to carry around as much as possible: it has a tendency of turning middle-of-the-road takes into something more artistic-looking and by and by you become a better photographer which means 'writing with light' (at least the illusion is there...).
Value for money: this is a subjective concept and should be treated as such: if you love this 'thing' and appreciate it's uniquenes - in contrast with almost every(digital)thing around you - the price is almost exactly right. ($ 2500 would be more realistic maybe).


Huge problem(s) that I trust will be solved:
1. My first and my second exemplar suffer(ed) from very noticable 'dead' pixels, resulting in white pinprick dots here and there on the photo
2. My first one had a badly aligned rangefinder: my second one was perfect! This makes all the difference of course.
So my advice: buy only at a very reputable store (I did) and try to check the thing better than I did apparently.

PS It is now July, a good 4 months later than my original review and I am now the happy owner of an Epson R-D1s with a € 1000 restitution (because of Epson's enormous price-lowering)!
No more hot pixels (maybe bar 1) and if/when they develop there's an in-camera solution for that. Maybe more than it's two predecessors this one has an inclanation towards underexposure, but it is a different season now and I'm not sure - it may be because I use the 28/2.8 more at the moment: it is quite contrasty.

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Epson R-D1
6 megapixels • 2 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Mar 11, 2004
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