Fujifilm FinePix 6800 Zoom review

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Fujifilm FinePix 6800 Zoom review

This camera is FANTASTIC!
I bought my 6800Zoom on May 4th 2001 after researching the digital camera market for 2-3 months.
My camera was stolen on May 5th 2006, which led me to find this website for reviews.

In those 5 years I took 8,608 photos, audio & video files!
I calculate that I used the webcam feature for some 2,000 Hours! I even hooked it up as a surveillance camera storing the footage on my computer & VCR.
I travelled through many countries with temperatures ranging from 0-50 Deg C and humidity into the 80's and it worked throughout!

A really solid camera with a metal casing yet I didn’t feel it was heavy.

So many features, I skimmed the manual when I first bought it, and used it for more than a year before a re-visited my manual and discovered a whole new camera! It was like buying another camera, there were all these extra features I didn’t understand first time around, or simply looked over it.

The image quality was Amazing! I took a photo of my Motorbike and when viewing the picture on the computer I noticed a reflection in one of the 10mm chrome domes, I zoomed in on it to clearly see myself holding my camera taking the picture, it was like a Sci-Fi movie!

I found the menu functions really easy and all buttons perfectly positioned for my medium sized hands, I could imagine that someone with large hands might have some issues.

Although the camera was very expensive (RRP NZ$2,899 at the time of purchase) the quality, complexity and quantity of features made it well worth while. Not to mention it would have cost double in film and processing!

I can not understand the problems and complaints I have read in these reviews, I say USER ERROR, I guess people have a tendency to comment on the negatives, rather than go out of their way to list positives.
I just did not experience the multitude of problems mentioned.

I don’t imagine anyone 'can' or is going to go out and buy a new one of these, but if you could... I would seriously recommend it!


Sadly the SmartMedia memory cards were phased out and were not produced bigger than a 128MB. Meaning rather than having 1 huge Memory card, I had 5 cards and needed to swap cards over occasionally, but certainly not a fault with the camera itself, and it was a minor issue as even on the biggest file setting it still stored up to 60 photos, you would have changed your role of film in an ordinary camera once or twice already by then.

This is hard to explain but... in the hot humid climate in Cambodia the small plastic over that was glued to the battery cover (to make it look nice) came off, it didn’t affect the camera performance in anyway, and was easily glued back on

Only recently (this year) did I find that battery struggled to last out a day of shooting, but it was a very old battery, if I replaced it, it would have been fine.

The following problems started somewhere around my 7 thousandths photo, the picture quality started to degrade, it occasionally got these random black dots, like dead pixels, and it made horizontal lines, it wasn’t in all the photo's and mostly appeared on skin tones.
And it occasionally gave me read or write errors, but removing the card, giving it a wipe and putting it back in solved this.

I think after eight and a half thousand photos and 5 years it was due for its first service.

Fujifilm FinePix 6800 Zoom
3 megapixels • 2 screen • 36 – 108 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 1, 2001
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