Minolta DiMAGE Z1 review

Started Jul 8, 2006 | User reviews thread
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Minolta DiMAGE Z1 review

I bought Minolta Z1 as a little used camera. I had had dreamed for 10x optical zoom some years before, seeing Olympus 700 series. Now I have the camera, though different brand, and in a word I am satisfied with it!!

I have used Z1 already for 2,5 weeks. This is my second digital camera, and compared with Trust 960, which I had before, it has only 3,2 MP in common. Not that my previous camera was bad, but the image clarity and details are superior. Easy of use was better on that one, but that is may be matter of time to think different.
Not to say things already said here on opinions, I can add something slightly new. 38 mm as the beginning for shooting is a bit far, I lack bigger side perspective, as 35mm or less. So I think this camera is tended more for tele-shooting! ISO 400 for night shooting is a starting point, and I made quite ok photo with 2 sec shutter speed and a tripod, of course (which does not come with camera equipment), you can see it on my gallery: fotothing.com/ivojass.
For close, it is macro photo, sometimes better use manual focus. Without it I could not get details of thermometer outside. I like feature when trying to point at things on dark places, like under the table, LCD lights the image brighter as it is in reality, so you can see what to shoot at! Battery life is excellent in my opinion, I was on a trip and took about 200 pics, and now at home I continue to do that, while batteries do not show a sign of weakening. I use 2600 mah.

The 3,2 MP is enough for PC and is not much less if compared to 4 MP of Z3! In sports, you can use the UHS progressive capture mode, to get 10 pics in 1 second, that is awsome, but works with 1,3 MP only.

About video, this is great quality video. I am happy that the Z1 has a night movie mode. I used it for filming an airplane taking off while sun was down the horizon, and the video came out excellent! You will lose some quality and save some space using 320x240 resolution. Video sound is good! And One more thing. I revealed that in movie mode zoom works about 4x and only digital (you can check if that's correct). But suddenly I found that if you zoom optical to 10x on shooting mode and leave it on that, while switching to movie, you can record your video on 10x optical zoom while without ability to change zooming. So this is like it for now! I recommend this camera, and even put it above Z5, which has only an ISO 320!


When opening camera, I slightly hindered the zoom coming out, while trying to take off the lens protector, so camera went off automatically and refused to turn on afterwards. I thought, oops, thats it. But after reinserting batteries it worked well. So better take protector off before switching camera on!

Minolta DiMAGE Z1
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 38 – 380 mm (10×)
Announced: Aug 7, 2003
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