Olympus Stylus 500 (mju 500 Digital) review

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Olympus Stylus 500 (mju 500 Digital) review

This is my second camera, the first being a fuji s304 which took fantastic quality photo's but was a bit slow.

In comparison, I'm not impressed with the mju 500 :-

1) no viewfinder - makes photo subject very difficult to see on bright days, you end up squinting at the screen with your hand over the camera, viewfinder would be a lot easier, plus lots of potential to scratch and break such a large screen.

2) camera is very iffy about picking up the correct brightness, in sunshine, some photo's come out too bright, some too dull, some come out fine. spend a lot of time playing with settings to get right picture. you can see on the screen what it will come out like & sometimes you only have to move the camera about a millimetre for it to adjust this is very annoying

3) flash seems to work in all conditions, even fairly light days... why???

4) too many unnecesary options on the menu & selector switch can be easily moved when in a camera case - very annoying if you want to pull it out to take a quick photo only to spend seconds wondering what's wrong with it - by the time you've realised the selector has moved the photo opportunity is gone.

5) power button can be pressed in accidently - not good when camera is in case & lens is trying to come out, potential for damage.

6) screen does not appear to be particularly good quality - photo's generally look disappointing on screen until they are downloaded onto pc,

Having said all this I realise I haven't yet taken it off its auto program type in which it tries to detect what type of photo you are taking (sport, scenery etc), maybe it works better when set to a specific one, but there are 20 different options plus numerous other settings - too much choice and by the time you've messed about with all these your photo opportunity has long since gone, particularly if you like taking mixed sports action/scenery shots.

maybe I'm asking too much of a small camera, but the fuji although slightly larger and older was heaps better (sadly it died after several years).


as above

Olympus Stylus 500
5 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Nov 29, 2004
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