Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 review

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Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 review

About 2 year´s back and until today i was really interested in buying an dSLR. I was quite interested Canon 350D, but that camera alway´s seamed (to me) that there was something missing. then i ad a look at Olympus E-500 and 5D. When i finnaly decided for 5D i coulden´t find it anywhere. I got the Finepix s9500 holping it would bring me that dSLR fell. I was wrong. It´s an Excellent camera and i´m keeping it for my backup. But it lack´s wath i like most in dSLR: Speed.
Now i got the A100. And i really must say, THANK GOD I WAITED. This trully is an exepcional camera. I like it better (please don´t hit me about this) than the 30D or the D200. The answer for this is simple. Value for money.
I must agree that both those 2 cameras are better built but the A100 is really feature rich. Noise is low until ISO 800. ISO 1600 really is disapointing, but that would be about 1 % of my pictures, so i can live with it.
Also i really like the in camera IS. I just bought a 10Mpx dSLR with a 18-70 IS and 75-300 IS for 1199 €.
Where do you get that from Canon or Nikon ?

- Thing´s that i really like.
Image quality is Excellent.
The camera is really fast even with kit lenses.
DRO really work´s, you only have to know when to use it.
Simple to operate.
Fast in changing stuff because of the fn dial.
Excellent LCD Screen.
Very good viewfinder.
Wireless flash.
I really notice that it´s more sencible than advertised becasue of the shutter speed´s it give´s me in low light situation´s.


Noise at ISO 800, but not different from D200.
Noise at ISO 1600 is terrible
Jog dial´s should be softer.
My camera wouldnt detect when the flash was up. After a few tries (more like 30) it started working fine.
Kit lenses really don´t retrieve all potencial from the camera.

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Sony Alpha DSLR-A100
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