Kodak DX4530 review

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Kodak DX4530 review

This was my very first digital camera. I had it for 2 1/2 years and took thousands of pictures before it was replaced by a Canon Powershot S3 IS. I still keep the Kodak but I find that it does not appear to be functioning as well.

The first two years were great. It took magnificant closeups and wonderful outdoor shots. Inside shots turned out well only if subjects were closer to the camera or enough light.

I was very disappointed with the slow shutter speed. If I was taking a picture of people, I would start counting to three after I hit the shutter button! This made it really hard to capture action shoots. Even in sport mode it was not any faster.

Turning on and switching modes were even slow. This was frustrating when time was an issue. I missed some really great shots b/c of this.

I read in some reviews that the 5.0MP was not very good. However, I took some great close ups of flowers and they look clear and just fine!

Towards the last couple of months before I got my Canon, my camera seemed to have trouble in close up mode. It seemed to want to switch to landscape mode or just not take the picture. I'm not sure if it was damaged in some way or just wearing down.

I love the docking system. It made it very handy to recharge and transfer pictures to the computer.

The internal memory is not too bad either. It gives a little more as many pictures as a roll of film would. But for the person who likes to take many pictures, obtaining an external card would be very beneficial. I found that a 128mb was suffice even at the highest quality.

I find the zoom to be nearly useless and digital zoom completely useless. When trying to focus on people that are far away, the pictures nearly almost always came out blurry (even in optical) so graduation pictures, for instance, did not come out. W/o flash they were blurry and w/flash, it was completely dark (except for the heads in front of me).

This camera is overall a very easy camera to operate. It took very little adapting to even as a first digital camera.

I think this camera is perfect for the person who wants to just take shots here and there (especially of still life, or close ups of friends and family). But even so, you can probably get a better camera for cheaper or just a little more.


*Inside shots were not always very good
*Horrible zoom
*Slow start up, switching modes, and shutter speeds

Kodak DX4530
5 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Announced: Aug 5, 2003
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