Canon PowerShot A630 review

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Canon PowerShot A630 review

When I decided to buy a new camera, I did some research and narrowed the competition to Canon's a710 IS, a630, a640 and a used pro1. After a lot comparing and reading I decided a630 because of it's low price, rotating screen, picture quality and the fact that it is propably the best value for my money.

I have owned this camera just over a month and I'm very satisfied with it. It is my first canon, but thanks to it's simplisity I didin't face any problems. It took only 10 minutes to get to know the main controls.

This camera is THE ideal choise for a first camera. Beginners can take photos on auto-mode, where the camera does all the work, but when more information about photography is learned and the skills get better, the camera is ready for more creative controlling with the shutter- and aperture priority and full manual controls.

The image quality is really good, pictures are clear and sharp and the colours look like they should. When shooting inside with flash on, the photos are good and sharp. If a tripod is used, shooting in low-light with flash off isn't a problem, because of the shutter priority. When the ISO sensivity is over 200 you start to see some noise, but luckily using high ISO has been really rare.

The camera has a really good grip and the rotating screen is extremely usefull. At first a rotating screen sounded like a nice extra, but when I own one anything else seems impossible. The screen is big and bright, but it could have been a little sharper..

Canon a630 is a really good camera that suits everyone from a first time user to a real enthusiast. The image quality surprised me. The pictures look really great and I love the fact that I can control everything. I have taken some snowboarding photos and they have come out great thanks to the shutterspeed priority.


The biggest problem has been the fact that videos are really big (8min=1Gb), but thats really the biggest one I could think of. IS would have been nice, but I haven't really ever thought I would need it.

Many have complained of the small memory card (16Mb) and the normal batteries that come with the package, but for me it was 28 euros for a 1Gb card and a set of chargeble batteries with a charger. So thats allmost nothing..

Canon PowerShot A630
8 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 140 mm (4×)
Announced: Aug 24, 2006
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