Olympus SP-500 UZ review

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Olympus SP-500 UZ review

A fantastic camera, great design. Very comfortable and natural to use. The short lens doesnt get in the way but still makes a comfortable hold on the camera. Perfect weight - not to heavy, but still enough mass to point where you want it.
Great live view - you can see the effect of aperture and shutter speed changes as they happen, great for beginners working out what they really do!
Massive screen (2.5") lets you scrutinise the photos out in the field.
Excellent quality images and easily adjustable images.

After investigating the competition (FujiFilm; Lumix; Sony) producing similar products I chose this model and im very happy with it.
This is an excellent camera dont let my nit-picking below put you off.


-Auto focus: in very bright or very dark light situations the auto focus has trouble focusing, sometimes it wont at all

-Manual focus: not very intuitive to use - adjusted by cheap buttons, and strangely zooms in to the centre of the subject when focusing. Dont buy if you need to use the manual focus.

-Batteries: runs on four separate AAs - cant use a battery pack - although they do last well. Doesnt come with rechargeables in the box.

-Viewfinder: Rubbish. Very distorted and although well placed, the image quality is poor. Just use the massive screen instead.

-Software: The Olympus album and editing software is rubbish - slow and complicated. I recommend that you use a standard file explorer to move the files and edit them with your usual program. The only reason to install it is for the panorama feature (which isnt that great - again use your usual program). Dont bother to install it at all!

Olympus SP-500 UZ
6 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 – 380 mm (10×)
Announced: Aug 29, 2005
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