Olympus Stylus 410 (mju 410 Digital) review

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Olympus Stylus 410 (mju 410 Digital) review

I've had this camera for about 3 years now and it is very well built. No problems and it's life has included kid's handling it, beach time, high moisture/rain.

OK picture quality for this type of camera. It's very small and fits well in a pocket, but don't think you can enlarge them more than say 4x5.


Slow response. If you press the shutter, it doesn't take a picture for a few seconds (or at least until subject has left the scene and you get a picture of a blurry mess)

Lens is too small to get a good image. Forget about megapixels cause if the image going to the sensor is crap, recorded image is crap.

I'm going to replace this camera with a slightly larger camera (Canon S3 or Lumix FZ7) which has a bigger lens and faster response.

Olympus Stylus 410
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 12, 2004
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