Nikon Coolpix P4 review

Started Jan 24, 2007 | User reviews thread
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Manuel Correia Ramos New Member • Posts: 2
Nikon Coolpix P4 review

I've been a faithful Nikon user for the last twenty years. My first camera was a F601M SLR from which I built a sizeable collection of professional cameras including a F4 and several Nikon optics.
This Coolpix P4 which I bought to make snapshots of my family ended my long relationship with Nikon! The camera worked (and still works) flawlessly as all Nikons do. However after several months of use the side fittings begun to get loose and fracture at the bendings: they were made of CHEAP silvered plastic not metal as I thought! These cheap fittings are JUST the base of ALL the pressing buttons on the top the camera and as such should be able to withstand regular use. Instead they begin breaking with time (fatigue fracture).
I sent the camera to a Nikon representative (J. Matos, Lda. - Lisbon) just to be told it presented a small bump (i. e. signs of normal use during 10 months) and as such was abused and out of warranty! Note the bump was on one of the lower corners opposite to the described plastic fittings which didn't show any sign of contact. Besides bad design and workmanship with cheap materials Nikon displays a very disrespectful behaviour towards end users in this case involving a simple inexpensive compact camera!!! After all it seems Nikon famous Warranty is quite virtual covering ONLY unused "mint" cameras! Just begun using a Canon for my work. I now have several Nikon cameras (with small bumps) for sale!


Cheap plastic fittings under the top side buttons which deteriorate rapidly
Virtual warranty!!!

Nikon Coolpix P4
8 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 36 – 126 mm (3.5×)
Announced: Feb 21, 2006
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