So... I finally come to a decision to go with the OM-D... Is there any big hand users out there?

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Re: Randell, here is a summary for you:

Randell Tober wrote:

Gee, you hope this helps… You knocked it out of the park! Outstanding … Great information and hitting on all cylinders. You’ve put me at ease with some of my previous thoughts and helped me to clarify uncertainties. Much thanks… M43 is where I was going and M43 is where I’ll stay. I’m still a little up in the air with the OM-D /GH3 decision, but might give it a couple more weeks for review and new release info but feel I would be happy with either one. I’m interested to see what the update brings that Panasonic has coming. I’m intending to pick up a 75 1.8 and one other lens for starts. Which would you take as another if I may ask? I don’t plan on buying one with the camera- I wouldn't be happy with it. I was a bit spoiled with the Canon 2.8’s of the past, so I know to stay with upper end glass. Thanks Again! And have a great weekend.

Glad I could help you clarify things

Well, the lens you pick up really depends on your uses.  For me, I never shoot at 75mm, so that lens, even though it is supposed to be really excellent, would not be useful for me.  What are the kind of subjects you usually shoot?

I do primarily three categories of photography.  In town (architectural mostly), macro, and landscape.  I don't do people portraits frequently, but I do have some fun taking animal photos, which tend to be in pretty low indoor light, so over time, I have evolved a set of lenses that work for me:

For my fastest indoor lens, I have the 25mm f1.4.  I think this lens is a prize in many ways.  It is a very useful focal length, and it has just a beautiful quality to the images it produces.  This would probably be my recommendation for your second prime.

If you do more landscape work, or in-town, I think the 14mm f2.5 is a true bargain of a lens, espeically if you can get one of the de-kitted ones on ebay for about $170.  I have a lot of fun using this lens around town and for some landscape work.

For macro, I have a vintage Nikon 55mm f3.5 which works really well for me.  I tried the 60mm Oly macro last Fall, and it was a very nice, very sharp lens, but I didn't see that it was a $500 step up from my vintage lens, and I don't care about autofocus in macro, so I returned it.

I have not yet tried the 12-35mm Panny, but I would like to.  Unfortunately, it is not in the budget at the moment, but I could see where that woudl be a really useful lens.  Other people who have it think it is a great lens, and the images I have seen from it seem to bear this out.

I DO have the Oly 12mm f2.0, and I think that might be tied with the 25mm for my most favorite lens in terms of what the output actually looks like.  It's a liitle bit too wide for how I like to do in-town work (I use the 14mm for that) but for landscape type work it is just a great lens, with terrific color renditon and microcontrast.  Photos from it just look GOOD.

I've also got the Oly 45mm f 1.8.  This is an extremely sharp lens wide open, and a very, very good value.  I find, however, that I don't use it that much, as usually in that focal range I have the macro on and am working with it instead (or a legacy 50mm that I like as much). Where I find it most useful is in lower light shooting, since it is very sharp even wide open, and the AF is handy in those situations, too.

My other most used lens, however, is the 14-140mm zoom. I don't think its IQ overall is quite as good as the primes, and it's a slow lens, but for a walkaround lens when you don't want to be constantly swapping out lenses (like when you are on a hike), it is a really  great option to have. It produces very respectable images as long as you have decent light to work with its slower apertures.

I know this probably doesn't narrow things down nearly enough, but look at it this shows there is a lot of good stuff in the M43's system to choose from


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