Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c review

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Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c review

I am writing this in mid-2007.

The image quality produced by my SLR/c is, still, stunning enough to keep it going this many years after its introduction. The resolution and colors are just gorgeous.

Image quality suffers terribly at very high ISO's, to the point that the image is no longer useable. Images at up to ISO 400, if well lit, should be useable, but the higher you go the more it feels like a lower res camera - because you can't get any closer without the noise out competing the image data. I shoot almost exclusively at ISO 160, and suggest that you buy a different camera if you regularly use upwards of ISO 640.

The minimum ISO of 160 is a little frustrating for those of us who use flashes on a regular basis, because this high of an ISO combined with a flash synch of only 180/s makes it difficult to sufficiently damp down unwanted ambient light.

I rarely have noticeable problems with moire.

The body design might look a little uncanny at first - but I actually like it. The good, thick grips feel good to my sized hands. The vertical grip should be a little thinner, and the CF/SD card door is right where your thumb goes, which is bad, but not that big of a deal. The screen is rather small.

The absolute #1 complaint against the camera: speed. Or the lack therof. Those of us who came to this camera from shooting Canons will probably die. On a Canon you only wait a second after capture to review the image on the screen - you wait an eternity with the SLR/c. Write speed is deplorable, and the camera frequently delays further when zooming into the image.

The user interface (menu system, etc) is not bad, but again, especially the zoom feature is inferior to the Canon zoom feature. Still though, you can get in 1:1 to look for sharpness, so it's not bad. The external user interface is pretty good, but I do not like having to reach for the shu

The camera is of course full frame - lot's of fun for wideangle shooting. The shutter feels so good when it fires - nice like a 35mm camera. The main thing I enjoy about the FF is the huge viewfinder - you will NEVER be able to fully appreciate a cropped sensor camera like a 30D or Rebel when you see the way they have "tunnel" viewfinders compared to the SLR/c.

I only use CF, because my camera has nearly crucified me with SD problems. The camera slows, freezes, and miswrites images with the SD, but works much better with CF.

All in all, it's an ok camera. I do all my shooting with it, but could not possibly contemplate shooting much more event photography (especially not high paced events like weddings) with a camera this slow. If you are a hobbyist who can put up with slowness, you might consider it - it is the cheapest way to get high res and full frame - but otherwise go with a faster Canon.

Many images in my portfolio are shot on the SLR/c:

Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c
14 megapixels • 1.8 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Mar 18, 2004
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