Canon PowerShot G7 review

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Canon PowerShot G7 review

Construction: 4.5
- It lacks the handle that virtually all Canon cameras support now. I sometimes feel nervous holding it. However, the larger LCD and quick navigation make it a pleasure to work with. The retro look adds a coolness factor too.

Features: 4.5
- They could have added time lapse recording like the Nikon P5000, which opens up a lot of possibilities. The ND filter and hot shoe flash however makes up for it. The high resolution movie mode is absolutely invaluable. Picture browsing on the camera is also enjoyable and efficient.

Image Quality: 4 (Good)
- Like all compact cameras, the sensor is compact (despite being the largest of the compact camera sensors). Image pixels tend to suffer from sensor sharing (slight blooming effect) which creates softness around edges, though not as bad as the other Canon compacts. Scaling images down to about 6MP (on the PC) shows much better quality. There's also slight chromatic aberration when shooting at F/2.8. Shooting at F/5.6 or higher eliminates this problem however. It also has superb macro capabilities.

Ease of Use: 5 (Excellent)
- I have no problems using it. They could have been a little clearer in the manual that you can use the rotary dial to shuffle between extra modes (like high-res movie recording). I was use to doing everything from the menus.

Value for money: 4.5
- Great cam, albeit expensive. I'm having loads of fun with it, especially coming from a DSLR. It's portable and fits well in my belt pouch. I've already taken many great keepers with this camera simply due to its availability where my DSLR cannot.

This is a very neat camera with loads of potential. Despite the negatives I mentioned above, this is (in my opinion), the best compact camera out there. Canon has once again convinced me to stay true to their product line.


No problems encountered.

Canon PowerShot G7
10 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 210 mm (6×)
Announced: Sep 14, 2006
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